Package com.atlassian.confluence.api.model.content

Interface Summary
Container A Model object that can hold one or more other objects.

Class Summary
AttachmentUpload Represents a single attachment being uploaded.
Content Represents all the different kinds of content that can be housed in Confluence: pages, blog posts, comments and so on.
Content.ContentBuilder Builds Content objects.
Content.Expansions Provides property names that can be used to expand Content objects.
ContentRepresentation Enumeration of the different built-in ways that Confluence content bodies can be represented.
ContentType Represents a type of content.
FormattedBody A String with a ContentRepresentation.
History Contains the history of a piece of Content.
History.Expansions Provides property names that can be used to expand History objects.
History.HistoryBuilder Creates History instances.
InternalDeserializers This class contains deserializers for the package protected classes in the content model.
JsonContentProperty Container for arbitrary JSON data attached to some Content.
JsonContentProperty.Expansions Provides property names that can be used to expand JsonContentProperty objects.
MacroInstance Represents an instance of a Macro in a piece of Content
MacroInstance.MacroBuilder Creates History instances.
Space Representation of a Confluence Space.
Space.Expansions Provides property names that can be used to expand Space objects.
Space.SpaceBuilder Builds Space objects.
SpaceType Represents a type of space, such as GLOBAL or PERSONAL.
Version Represents the version of a piece of Content.
Version.VersionBuilder Creates Version instances.

Enum Summary

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