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public interface ChangeIndexer
extends com.atlassian.bonnie.Indexer

Indexer for changes.

Method Summary
 void reIndexAllVersions(com.atlassian.bonnie.Searchable searchable)
          Reindexes all versions of the specified content.
Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.bonnie.Indexer
index, reIndex, unIndex

Method Detail


void reIndexAllVersions(com.atlassian.bonnie.Searchable searchable)
Reindexes all versions of the specified content. This could be expensive as the cost is proportional to the number of versions present. This should be invoked instead of Indexer.reIndex(com.atlassian.bonnie.Searchable) if what has been updated in the specified searchable is information that is duplicated across all versions of the changeable in the index (say permissions).

searchable - a Versioned changeable.

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