Package com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.introspection

Interface Summary
AnnotationBoxedElement This is a union of the BoxedValue and AnnotatedElement interfaces to be implemented by implementations that are responsible for associating annotations with an object.
BoxedValue<T> The value represents a boxed value.
BoxingStrategy Interface for classes that provide some strategy for boxing an object
MethodAnnotator Strategy for retrieving annotations for a method

Class Summary
AnnotatedReferenceHandler Support class for ReferenceInsertionEventHandlers that need to deal with any AnnotationBoxedElements context values.
AnnotatedValue An annotated value associates a collection of annotations with a value.
AnnotationBoxingUberspect A Velocity uberspect that boxes return values in an annotated form and unboxes them again when used as arguments to or targets of method calls More specifically this uberspect will inspect any target method call or property for annotations that are marked as ReturnValueAnnotations and box the result of calling or accessing the target with these annotations.
ConfluenceAnnotationBoxingUberspect Specialisation of the AnnotatioBoxingUberspect to be used in a Confluence velocity environment.
MethodAnnotatorChain A method annotator that chains calls to a collection of other annotators
ToStringDelegatingAnnotationBoxedElement AnnotationBoxedElement that delegates all operations to the wrapped element except for toString() which is delegated to the boxed value itself.
TransparentBoxedValueReferenceHandler A simple reference insertion handler that unboxes and boxed value references making them transparent during template rendering.

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