Package com.atlassian.confluence.velocity.htmlsafe

Class Summary
HtmlAnnotationEscaper A ReferenceInsertionEventHandler that HTML encodes any value not annotated as being HtmlSafe.
HtmlFragment Simple wrapper class for adding HtmlSafe values directly to a Velocity context.
HtmlRegExps Holder of static regular expression patterns for detecting common HTML structures
HtmlSafeAnnotationUtils Utilities for working with the HtmlSafe annotation
HtmlSafeClassAnnotator This method annotator will annotate various methods that are known to be HTML safe from library classes.
HtmlSafeMethodNameAnnotator Method annotator that marks certain methods as being HtmlSafe based on the method name.
PossibleIncorrectHtmlEncodingEventHandler Reference insertion handler to be used before the HtmlAnnotationEscaper.

Annotation Types Summary
HtmlSafe Declares that this method returns an object that does not require encoding if it is printed to a HTML document via its Object.toString() method

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