Class AttachmentMimeTypeTranslator

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.util.AttachmentMimeTypeTranslator

public final class AttachmentMimeTypeTranslator
extends Object

Translates mime types for attachments.

Used to sanitize mime types for file uploads. CONF-18951

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String resolveMimeType(String filename, String originalMimeType)
          Resolve a mime type based on the filename.
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Constructor Detail


public AttachmentMimeTypeTranslator()
Method Detail


public String resolveMimeType(String filename,
                              String originalMimeType)
Resolve a mime type based on the filename. The originalMimeType might be used if there is no mime type registered for the given file type.

filename - The name of the file. The file extension will be used to determine the mime type.
originalMimeType - The original mime type. This method might return the original mime type if it can not resolve a proper mime type for the given filename.
Mime type for the given file. Never returns null.

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