Package com.atlassian.confluence.user.migration

Interface Summary
RepositoryConfigurationMigrator Interface to logic that can create an embedded crowd directory from an Atlassian User repository configuration.

Class Summary
AtlassianUserDataMigrator Convert all users and groups in the Confluence Hibernate repository to internal directory users in Embedded Crowd.
AtlassianUserExternalDataMigrator Migrates users, their properties and memberships from a pre Confluence 3.5 LDAP setup
AtlassianUserMigrator Tracks a RepositoryConfigurationMigrator for a list of atlassian user repositories.
HibernateRepositoryConfigurationMigrator Migrator for the default hibernate atlassian-user repository configuration.
HtmlJspWriterMigrationProgressListener This is a simple implementation of the MigrationProgressListener to output HTML in a JSP.
LdapRepositoryConfigurationMigrator Migrator for LDAP atlassian-user repository configuration.
LegacyOSUserRepositoryAccessorFactory Factory that generates an osuser repository accessor to assist with migration of users from osuser to hibernate
MigratedMembership Represents a membership between a user and a group

Exception Summary
AtlassianUserMigrationException An exception case during the user migration process.

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