Package com.atlassian.confluence.user.crowd

Interface Summary
ApplicationCache Caches Embedded Crowd Application objects by name to avoid frequent retrieval from the database.
GroupMembershipCache A direction agnostic cache of maps from directory ids and group names to groups.

Class Summary
CachedCrowdApplicationDao Caches the most frequently-used method on this interface: CachedCrowdApplicationDao.findByName(java.lang.String).
CachedCrowdEntityCacheKey A composite key between an entity name and a directory Id.
CachedCrowdGroupDao A caching decorator for an InternalUserDao.
CachedCrowdInternalDirectoryGroup Immutable group for caching
CachedCrowdInternalMembershipDao Removes cached membership information as required by the bulk operations on the InternalMembershipDao interface.
CachedCrowdMembershipDao Caches membership information.
CachedCrowdUser Immutable Timestamped user for caching
CachedCrowdUserDao A caching decorator for an InternalUserDao.
CachedOption<T> Container for caching crowd entities with the option to cache the entity or a representation that entity does not exist.
ConfluenceCrowdDirectoryService Overrides removal and addition of directories to make sure they're added to the single internal application.
ConfluenceDirectoryEventListener Propagates DirectoryUpdatedEvent and DirectoryDeletedEvent to other nodes in a cluster to trigger the relevant updates to caches and directory monitors on each node.
ConfluenceDirectoryEventListener.ClusterDirectoryEvent Crowd's event classes are not Serializable, so we need to extract the event class and directory, then reconstruct the event on the other nodes.
ConfluenceLockFactory Implementation of the Embedded Crowd LockFactory that switches between Coherence-based locking or ReentrantLock based on whether this instance is clustered.
CrowdDisabledUserManager Implementation of DisabledUserManager which uses the Embedded Crowd service.
DefaultApplicationCache Implementation of ApplicationCache that delegates to CacheFactory for caching.
DefaultMembershipCache The cache maps a CachedCrowdMembershipCacheKey representing a user (or group) in a particular directory to a Map&lt;String, String&gt; where each entry in the map represents a group that the user (or group) is a member of.
EmbeddedCrowdBootstrap Provides convenient methods to create the crowd application and internal directory optionally if one isn't found.
UserIndexingListener Creates/indexes PersonalInformation as users are added or have their activation status modified.

Enum Summary
DirectoryState Enumeration of the possible states the internal directory can be created in.

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