Package com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.upgradetask

Class Summary
AbstractConstraintCreationUpgradeTask An abstract upgrade task for when you just want to run a bunch of constraint creation statements from a properties file.
AddSpaceStatusColumnUpgradeTask Populate the space status column.
AddUniqueAttachmentIdConstraintToAttachmentDataUpgradeTask This task adds a unique constraint to the AttachmentId column on the AttachmentData table.
AtlassianUpgradeFollowersUpgradeTask Converts followers based on the my:follow label to Connections.
AtlassianUserToEmbeddedCrowdConfigurationUpgradeTask An upgrade task used to migrate the repository configuration from Atlassian User into the appropriate directories in Embedded Crowd.
AtlassianUserToEmbeddedCrowdDataUpgradeTask Convert all users and groups in the local Confluence directory to Crowd internal directory users.
BandanaKeyUniqueConstraintCleaner Cleans up the bandana table so that unique and not null constraints can be applied to the context and key columns.
BandanaKeyUniqueConstraintUpgradeTask Alter the Bandana table to make sure the Bandana context and keys have not null and unique constraints on them.
BodyTypeUpgradeTask Iterates over the content and sets the BodyType to either mail or wiki as per the content type.
BundleUserMacrosUpgradeTask Deprecated. BN 3.4 - This upgrade task cannot be used since it cannot be applied to new installs (CONFDEV-796).
ChangeLogoStorageUpgradeTask We have changed the way logo images are stored in confluence.
ChangeSpaceDescriptionsBodyTypeUpgradeTask This upgrade task has two responsibilities: (1) update all SpaceDescription's that have a BodyContent with type BodyType.XHTML back to BodyType.WIKI (2) resolve all entity references introduced as a result of erroneously marking SpaceDescription's as XHTML to begin with.
ConditionallyEnableMailArchivePluginUpgradeTask The mail archive feature is now packaged as a plugin and disabled by default.
ContentPermissionConstraintsUpgradeTask Adds required multi-column unique constraints to the content permission tables.
ConvertToRelativeLinksUpgradeTask Converts any absolute links in storage format to relative links.
CorrectAttachmentCreatorUpgradeTask In older versions of Confluence, when a new version of an attachment was created, only the last modifier field was set.
DataAccessUtils Provides access to several underlying Hibernate and JDBC data access objects, which are commonly used in database-related upgrade tasks.
DefaultSpaceContentPageLayoutsUpgradeTask Updates the default space content that will be used for new spaces to use page layouts.
DisableConfluenceInvitePluginUpgradeTask Disables the Confluence Invite Plugin - which used to be bundled as part of the Confluence Fireball release, but may have also been installed by customers in a behind the fireball instance.
DraftDataCleaningUpgradeTask Remove drafts created by CONF-12144 with a null page ID or type.
DropContentLockTableUpgradeTask The CONTENTLOCK table was finally removed in Confluence 4.2, and needs to be dropped lest its hanging foreign key constraint cause issues.
EmbeddedCrowdInitUpgradeTask Initialises data that is required by Embedded Crowd.
EmbeddedCrowdSchemaUpgradeTask Adds required multi-column unique constraints to the Crowd database tables
FollowFavouriteUpgradeTask Converts the favourite-user model into the confluence 3.0 follow user model.
HierarchicalFileSystemAttachmentMoveTask A task that will move attachments from the previous storage layout of contentid/attachmentid/version (or for CONF-8298 the layout last4digitsOfContentId/contentId/attachmentId/version) to the layout used by the new HierarchicalFileSystemAttachmentDataDao implementation.
LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask Previously likes on comments were not deleted when the parent page was removed.
NetworkAndSiteNotificationTypesRestoreUpgradeTask Fixes digest notifications after an import from pre-3.3.1.
NetworkAndSiteNotificationTypesUpgradeTask Fills in false values for nulls in the network and digest notification columns.
OnDemandSpacePermissionsDefaultUpgradeTask Migrates A la carte default space permission settings from a studio specific context to the Confluence default context.
PageTemplateWikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask Convert all wiki formatted content to XHTML content as part of the upgrade.
RebuildAncestorsUpgradeTask Rebuilds the ancestor table.
RebuildIndexUpgradeTask Trigger a rebuild of the lucene index
ReportUserMacrosWithWikiTemplateUpgradeTask This isn't really an upgrade task, it is just convenient for it to run at that time.
SessionClearingRowCallbackHandler Implementation of RowCallbackHandler which clears the session after processing a configurable number of rows.
TrustedApplicationsCleanUpUpgradeTask Due to lax validation, pre-3.5 versions of Confluence can contain IP and URL restrictions that are invalid.
UserIndexingUpgradeTask Upgrade task to ensure that for all the user names attached to content in Confluence a PersonalInformation objects exist.
UserMacroConfigFormatUpgradeTask Update old pre 1.4 user macros that were stored as strings.
UserStatusPermissionUpgradeTask This upgrade task gives all users with the 'Use Confluence' permission the 'Update Status' permission
WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask Convert all wiki formatted content to XHTML content as part of the upgrade.

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