Class WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.AbstractUpgradeTask
      extended by com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.AbstractDeferredRunUpgradeTask
          extended by com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.upgradetask.WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
DatabaseUpgradeTask, DeferredUpgradeTask, UpgradeTask

public class WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask
extends AbstractDeferredRunUpgradeTask
implements DatabaseUpgradeTask

Convert all wiki formatted content to XHTML content as part of the upgrade. It should be noted that any migration errors from individual pages will be recorded and logged but will not cause the upgrade itself to fail. This is to allow for cases where most content migrates successfully and there are simply a few failures that can be fixed through a different mechanism.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask(WikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator migrator)
Method Summary
 void doDeferredUpgrade()
          Run the upgrade that was deferred by an earlier call to doUpgrade.
 String getBuildNumber()
 String getShortDescription()
          A short (<50 chars) description of the upgrade action
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Constructor Detail


public WikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask(WikiToXhtmlSiteMigrator migrator)
Method Detail


public void doDeferredUpgrade()
                       throws Exception
Description copied from interface: DeferredUpgradeTask
Run the upgrade that was deferred by an earlier call to doUpgrade.

Specified by:
doDeferredUpgrade in interface DeferredUpgradeTask


public String getBuildNumber()
Specified by:
getBuildNumber in interface UpgradeTask
getBuildNumber in class AbstractUpgradeTask
The build number that this upgrade is applicable to


public String getShortDescription()
Description copied from interface: UpgradeTask
A short (<50 chars) description of the upgrade action

Specified by:
getShortDescription in interface UpgradeTask
getShortDescription in class AbstractUpgradeTask

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