Class LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.AbstractUpgradeTask
      extended by com.atlassian.confluence.upgrade.upgradetask.LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask
All Implemented Interfaces:
DatabaseUpgradeTask, UpgradeTask

public class LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask
extends AbstractUpgradeTask
implements DatabaseUpgradeTask

Previously likes on comments were not deleted when the parent page was removed. This left dangling foreign keys from the likes table to the content table, see CONFDEV-12298 It runs pre hibernate schema upgrade as we have remapped the contentid property, and so this task needs to remove any dangling foreign keys before hibernate introduces the foreign key constraint. It doesn't run in the import tasks as the ReflectiveObjectPersister handles the upgrade of the property in its upgradeProperty method, and doesn't import if the contentEntityObject is missing.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask(net.sf.hibernate.SessionFactory sessionFactory)
Method Summary
 void doUpgrade()
          Perform the upgrade.
 String getBuildNumber()
 String getShortDescription()
          A short (<50 chars) description of the upgrade action
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Constructor Detail


public LikesDanglingFKCleanupUpgradeTask(net.sf.hibernate.SessionFactory sessionFactory)
Method Detail


public void doUpgrade()
               throws Exception
Description copied from interface: UpgradeTask
Perform the upgrade.

Specified by:
doUpgrade in interface UpgradeTask


public String getBuildNumber()
Specified by:
getBuildNumber in interface UpgradeTask
getBuildNumber in class AbstractUpgradeTask
The build number that this upgrade is applicable to


public String getShortDescription()
Description copied from interface: UpgradeTask
A short (<50 chars) description of the upgrade action

Specified by:
getShortDescription in interface UpgradeTask
getShortDescription in class AbstractUpgradeTask

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