Interface SpaceAdministrative

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDecoratorAction, AbstractLookAndFeelAction, AbstractSpacePermissionsAction, AbstractThemeAction, ChooseThemeAction, ChooseThemeAction, ColourSchemeAction, EditDecoratorAction, EditSpacePermissionsAction, ListPermissionPagesAction, LookAndFeelAction, RestoreExistingTrashItemAction, RestorePageAction, RestoreTrashItemAction, SpaceColourSchemeAction, SpaceEditDecoratorAction, SpaceLookAndFeelAction, SpaceViewDefaultDecoratorAction, ViewDefaultDecoratorAction, ViewSpacePermissionsAction

Deprecated. since 2.8. Please avoid this interface. Instead override ConfluenceActionSupport.isPermitted() and use PermissionManager.hasPermission(User,Permission,Object) instead. This will make it easier to determine the permissions required to invoke an action as they would be more explicit and in one place (you won't have to check whether the class or its super class implements this interface). Also implement BreadcrumbAware and call: BreadcrumbGenerator's getSpaceAdminBreadcrumb method

public interface SpaceAdministrative

Marks the implementing action class as an administrative action so that the base permission checks check the "administer space" permission too. It is also used by the BreadcrumbGenerator to generate an appropriate breadcrumb.

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