Package com.atlassian.confluence.setup.webwork

Class Summary
CachedConfigurationProvider An XWork configuration provider that caches the configuration generated by the provided configuration provider after the first initialisation.
CompositeContext Simple immutable composite Velocity Context implementation that delegates to a collection of other contexts.
ConfluenceVelocityContext Deprecated. Since 3.0.
ConfluenceVelocityManager Confluence specialisation of the WebWork velocity manager.
ConfluenceWebWorkConfiguration Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ConfluenceXWorkTransactionInterceptor An interceptor that wraps the action execution in a single Hibernate transaction.
EncodingVelocityResult Webwork Velocity result that adds automatic HTML entity encoding support to the result context if the final content type is "text/html".
JakartaMultiPartRequest Multipart form data request adapter for Jakarta's file upload package.
OutputAwareWebWorkVelocityContext A WebWorkVelocityContext that is OutputMimeTypeAwareContext
PluginAwareConfiguration An XWork Configuration implementation that allows for PluginAware XWork actions.
XWorkConfigurationInitialiser Simple bean that can be used to initialise the XWork system with a provider which caches the results loaded by the XWork XmlConfigurationProvider

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