Interface Summary
CaptchaAware Interface used to mark Actions that require captcha validation.
DeactivatedUserChecker Deprecated. since 3.5 use UserAccessor.isDeactivated(User) instead
ExternalUserManagementAware Actions implementing this are external user management aware actions.
GateKeeper Manages the granting of temporary permissions to retrieve resources.
ImplementsIsPermitted Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
PermissionDelegate Each type of target that can have permissions checked against it will have a delegate.
PermissionManager Generalised interface for checking whether a particular action in Confluence is allowed, without any knowledge of the specific implementation of permissions as they relate to spaces, pages and so on.
PermissionManager.Criterion A criterion for whether an entity should be permitted or not
SetSpacePermissionChecker Class that checks whether a user has sufficient privileges to set a SpacePermission.
SpacePermissionDefaultsStore A store for managing the space permissions that new spaces receive by default.
SpacePermissionDefaultsStoreFactory Factory of SpacePermissionDefaultsStores.
SpacePermissionManager Responsible for the addition, modification and removal of space permissions.

Class Summary
CachingSpacePermissionManager Implementation of SpacePermissionManager that implements caching before a SpacePermission is requested, saved or removed from the SpacePermissionDao.
ConfluenceAdministratorsPermissionCheckExemptions Allows members of the 'confluence-administrators' group to be exempt from permission checks.
ConfluenceGroupCache This class replaces com.atlassian.seraph.util.GroupCache, and works with atlassian-user.
ContentPermission Allows a user to lock content against editing by other users.
CrowdDeactivatedUserChecker Deprecated. since 4.0 use CrowdDisabledUserManager or the DisabledUserManager interface instead.
DefaultPermissionManager Default implementation of PermissionManager.
DefaultSpacePermissionDefaultsStoreFactory Returns a store that uses bandana.
DistortedCaptchaEngine The captcha as used by FishEye/Crucible.
DownloadGateKeeper GateKeeper for the Confluence downloads directory.
MockPermissionManager The intention of of this mock is to have an implementation of the permission manager that always returns true for all permissions checks.
Permission Enumeration of all possible permission types for use with the PermissionManager.
PermissionCheckDispatcher Deprecated. since 2.7 see PermissionManager
PermissionHelper Provides methods to allow the PermissionManager to be more easily called from within Velocity templates
SpacePermission A SpacePermission restricts access to different functions on a space.
SpacePermissionCaseFixer The purpose of this class is to fix space permissions with usernames or groupnames that have incorrect case.
SpacePermissionCheckDispatcherCoordinator Space permission manager wrapper that updates the permission check dispatcher cache on operations that add or remove permissions.
SpacePermissionCoordinator Space permission manager that adds a layer of security over the write operations in this class.
ThreadLocalPermissionsCache Wrapper around the ThreadLocalCache to deal with caching space permissions and application access.

Exception Summary
EntityRuntimeException Thrown during a user or group operation where the user or group does not exist

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