Class DefaultIndexQueueEntryFilter

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public class DefaultIndexQueueEntryFilter
extends Object
implements IndexQueueEntryFilter

Responsible for removing/filtering index queue entries that are redundant.

For example, this removes ADD and UPDATE entries for a particular piece of content from the queue when it encounters a DELETE or UPDATE entry. ADDs and UPDATEs are redundant (and cannot run) after a DELETE has been queued (and the object removed).

This implementation assumes that adds, updates and deletes are queued in that order and that ordering of tasks for different pieces of content doesn't matter

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 List<IndexQueueEntry> filter(List<IndexQueueEntry> entries)
          Takes the provided list, filters it and returns a new list containing the result
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultIndexQueueEntryFilter()
Method Detail


public List<IndexQueueEntry> filter(List<IndexQueueEntry> entries)
Description copied from interface: IndexQueueEntryFilter
Takes the provided list, filters it and returns a new list containing the result

Specified by:
filter in interface IndexQueueEntryFilter
entries - the entries to filter
a new list containing a filtered down version of entries

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