Package com.atlassian.confluence.schedule

Interface Summary
ManagedScheduledJob Encapsulates the static configuration of a Managed Scheduled Job.
ManagedScheduleJobRegistrationService Defines the service for registering and unregistering ManagedScheduledJob, e.g.

Class Summary
AbstractManagedScheduledJob Implements common properties for various implementations of ManagedScheduledJob.
ManagedScheduledCronJob Managed job definition for Cron based jobs.
ManagedScheduledSimpleJob Managed job definition for quartz "simple schedule" based jobs.
ScheduledJobConfiguration Stores the current configuration of a job managed by the system.
ScheduledJobHistory Represent an execution event of a scheduled job.
ScheduledJobHistory.NaturalComparator Natural order is by the natural order of startDate, then endDate (if required).
ScheduledJobKey Identifier for a scheduled job.
ScheduledJobStatus This class contains the transient runtime state of a single job.

Enum Summary
ExecutionStatus Indicates the current status of a managed job.

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