Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin.descriptor

Interface Summary
MacroModuleDescriptor Marker interface for module descriptors that produce macros.

Class Summary
AbstractExtractorModuleDescriptor Abstract class for extractor module descriptors
ChangeDocumentExtractorModuleDescriptor A module descriptor for extractors that are used in ChangeDocumentBuilder
ConfluenceVelocityModuleDescriptor Deprecated. since 3.0, extend AbstractModuleDescriptor and implement UserLocaleAware instead.
CustomMacroModuleDescriptor A plugin macro in Confluence with metadata and notation guide help.
DecoratorModuleDescriptor Implements the <decorator> plugin module.
DefaultFactoryModuleDescriptor<T> An implementation that uses the default module factory to produce modules.
DeviceTypeRendererComponentModuleDescriptor A module descriptor for Renderer components which associates an existing Spring configured Renderer implementation with a particular device type.
ExtractorModuleDescriptor A module descriptor for extractors that are used in ConfluenceDocumentBuilder
JobModuleDescriptor Defines a Quartz job within a plugin
ListenerModuleDescriptor NOTE: This class has to be constructor injected since it's the only way moduleFactory can be set at its parent.
MacroFallbackParser Provides access to the descriptor information retrieved from an xml file for macro meta data.
MacroMetadataParser Parses XML formatted macro metadata.
OutputDeviceTypeMacroModuleDescriptorPredicate A predicate that passes XhtmlMacroModuleDescriptors for specific device-types
PathConverterModuleDescriptor A plugin module descriptor used to load path converter plugins.
PluginAwareActionConfig ActionConfig that contains a reference to its parent plugin.
PluginConfigurationProvider A custom xwork configuration provider that loads the configuration out of the plugins module descriptor.
TriggerModuleDescriptor Defines a Quartz trigger within a plugin.
UserMacroModuleDescriptor Allows simple macros to be defined inline
VelocityContextItemModuleDescriptor A module descriptor to add items to the Velocity contexts used everywhere.
XWorkModuleDescriptor An XWork-WebWork plugin, which can provide actions and results to add to Confluence's web UI layer.

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