Class MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer
extends Object
implements MacroDefinitionSerializer

Serializes a MacroDefinition first into wiki markup and then base64 encodes the wiki markup.

This is allow us to transport a macro definition as a request parameter without worrying about namespacing or conflicts with other request parameters.

This is currently being used for requesting placeholder images from the server with macro parameters in place. As such we are not interested in the body of the macro definition - only its parameters. This serializer will ignore any body that is attached any MacroDefinition's passed in.

Constructor Summary
MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer(MacroDefinitionSerializer wikiMarkupSerializer)
Method Summary
 String serialize(MacroDefinition macroDefinition)
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Constructor Detail


public MacroDefinitionRequestSerializer(MacroDefinitionSerializer wikiMarkupSerializer)
Method Detail


public String serialize(MacroDefinition macroDefinition)
Specified by:
serialize in interface MacroDefinitionSerializer

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