Interface CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder

public interface CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder

An interface implemented by a Macro that wishes to provide its own HTML placeholder to the Confluence Editor.

It should be noted that current implementation restrictions on the editor mean that the custom placeholder must be a single non-editable HTML element. It should be either an IMG tag or an OBJECT tag.


Nested Class Summary
static class CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder.PlaceholderGenerationException
          An exception thrown if there is a problem in generating the custom placeholder.
Method Summary
 String getCustomPlaceholder(Map<String,String> parameters, String body, ConversionContext context)

Method Detail


String getCustomPlaceholder(Map<String,String> parameters,
                            String body,
                            ConversionContext context)
                            throws CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder.PlaceholderGenerationException
parameters - the parameters that are set on the macro. This may be empty or null.
body - the body of the macro if any. It may be null.
context - the context for the macro instance.
a String containing HTML to be used in the editor to represent a macro.
CustomHtmlEditorPlaceholder.PlaceholderGenerationException - on any error during generation of the custom placeholder.

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