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Uses of MailFacade in com.atlassian.confluence

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence declared as MailFacade
protected  MailFacade ResetPasswordAcceptanceTest.mail

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Methods in that return MailFacade
 MailFacade MailFacade.start()
          Starts up and configures a new mail server which will be pulled back down during test tearDown.
 MailFacade MailFacade.startSoleServer()
          Same as start() except it removes all existing mail servers if any are configured.

Methods in with parameters of type MailFacade
static void MailAssertions.assertCorrectMessageRecipients(MailFacade mailFacade, User user)
static void MailAssertions.assertHasMail(MailFacade mailFacade, User user, String... htmlExcerpts)
          Assert at least one email among those received by user matches all the excerpts.
static void MailAssertions.assertMailNotSent(MailFacade mailFacade)
static void MailAssertions.assertMailReceived(MailFacade mailFacade)
static void MailAssertions.assertMailReceived(MailFacade mailFacade, int count)
static List<String> MailAssertions.getMailForUser(MailFacade mailFacade, User user)

Uses of MailFacade in com.atlassian.confluence.notifications

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence.notifications declared as MailFacade
protected  MailFacade NotificationRenderTypeAcceptanceTest.mail

Uses of MailFacade in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium declared as MailFacade
protected  MailFacade AbstractNotificationTest.mailFacade

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