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Packages that use TestData

Uses of TestData in com.atlassian.confluence

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence declared as TestData
protected  TestData AbstractConfluenceAcceptanceTest.testData

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Methods in that return TestData
static TestData TestData.create()

Constructors in with parameters of type TestData
ServerStateManager(ConfluenceRpc rpc, TestData testData)

Uses of TestData in

Fields in declared as TestData
protected  TestData AbstractRestAcceptanceTest.testData

Uses of TestData in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium declared as TestData
protected  TestData AbstractSeleniumTest.testData

Uses of TestData in com.atlassian.confluence.webdriver

Fields in com.atlassian.confluence.webdriver declared as TestData
protected  TestData AbstractWebDriverTest.testData

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