Interface ClusterEvent

All Known Implementing Classes:
ClusterPanicEvent, ClusterReindexRequiredEvent, ConfluenceDirectoryEventListener.ClusterDirectoryDeletedEvent, ConfluenceDirectoryEventListener.ClusterDirectoryEvent, ConfluenceDirectoryEventListener.ClusterDirectoryUpdatedEvent, GlobalSettingsChangedEvent, ImportFinishedEvent, MailServerCreateEvent, MailServerDeleteEvent, MailServerEditEvent, MailServerEvent, MaxCacheSizeChangedEvent, PluginDisableEvent, PluginEnableEvent, PluginEvent, PluginInstallEvent, PluginModuleDisableEvent, PluginModuleEnableEvent, PluginModuleEvent, PluginUninstallEvent, ResetHibernateIdRangeEvent

public interface ClusterEvent

Marker interface for those events which should be broadcast to other nodes in a cluster.

Broadcast events should be used sparingly, as they will have a major impact on performance of a cluster. Where possible, use Bandana or a clustered cache to store data which should be shared between different nodes, rather than using events to synchronise application state.

The clustered event handler will make sure that events produced within a transaction are not actually sent to the other cluster nodes until the transaction is successfully committed.

See Also:
ClusterManager, ClusterEventBroadcaster, ClusterEventWrapper, BandanaManager, CacheManager

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