Class TransformNonUserMacroCondition

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public class TransformNonUserMacroCondition
extends Object
implements MacroBodyTransformationCondition

Returns true if the specified macro is not a user macro.

This condition has been introduced for the sake of content that was migrated while it was on confxhtml (i.e. the CONFDEV, QA and tech writing spaces). That is, this class is not relevant for customer data.

Specifically, there were user macros in these spaces that:

Until we find a way to represent INLINE macros with nested macros and block markup, we should keep this condition around.

Constructor Summary
TransformNonUserMacroCondition(MacroManager xhtmlMacroManager)
Method Summary
 boolean shouldTransform(String macroName)
          Returns true if the macro body should be transformed, false otherwise.
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Constructor Detail


public TransformNonUserMacroCondition(MacroManager xhtmlMacroManager)
Method Detail


public boolean shouldTransform(String macroName)
Description copied from interface: MacroBodyTransformationCondition
Returns true if the macro body should be transformed, false otherwise.

Specified by:
shouldTransform in interface MacroBodyTransformationCondition
macroName - macro name

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