Package com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml

Interface Summary
ElementIdCreator Implemented by a class that can create id's for Elements suitable for use in the context of a particular ConversionContext.
ElementTransformer An interface implemented by an object that will handle a StartElement or EndElement and transform it in some manner.
FormatConverter Provides a convenient service for transforming to and from the storage format into the editor and view formats.
HtmlToXmlConverter Convert a String supplied in HTML to well formed XML that can be handled by an XML parser.
LinkRenderer Allows links to content to be rendered without exposing our marshalling architecture.
Marshaller<T> Responsible for marshalling an XML fragment.
MarshallingFactory<T> An interface describing a factory capable of returning a Marshaller or Unmarshaller suitable for particular usages.
Renderer Render from Confluence storage format to XHTML for viewing or editing.
StaxStreamMarshaller<T> Marshals the specified object to a StAX stream.
TransformationDateFormats A class that provides DateFormats used to format and parse dates when transforming between Confluence formats (such as editor and storage formats).
Unmarshaller<T> Responsible for unmarshalling an XML fragment.
XhtmlCleaner Responsible for cleaning supplied XHTML content into a form that is balanced and free of any insecure markup.
XMLEventFactoryProvider This exists to provide a 'safe' way to access XMLEventFactory, without it there may be weird classloader issues.
XmlEventReaderFactory Factory to create event readers over different types of Confluence XML (namely editor and storage XML).
XmlOutputFactory This was introduced mainly because XMLOutputFactory is an abstract class :( We have implementations of XMLOutputFactory that we want to make available to plugins but OSGI ignores them because it only acknowledges beans with interfaces.

Class Summary
ConfluenceXMLEventWriter This "Confluence" implementation of XMLEventWriter was introduced primarily to deal with STAX-58.
ConfluenceXmlOutputFactory This "Confluence" implementation of XmlOutputFactory was introduced primarily to deal with STAX-58.
ConversionContextPropertyName The set of property names used to access ConversionContext properties.
DefaultConversionContext A non-thread safe implementation of the ConversionContext suitable for use in the single threaded XHTML output process.
DefaultRenderer Implementation outputting XHTML suitable for display in browsers.
DefaultXmlStreamWriterTemplate Encapsulates the boiler plate around creating a stream writer.
DeviceTypeAwareRenderer A renderer which is aware of the registration of DeviceTypeRendererComponentModuleDescriptor within the system and will keep track of these modules.
ElementTransformingXmlEventReader An XMLEventReader that can be configured with multiple ElementTransformers potentially changing the start and end elements returned by the reader.
ForwardingXmlEventReader Class delegates all calls to an {code}XMLEventReader{code} passed to the constructor.
HtmlElementIdCreator A non-thread safe class used to create HTML ids within a render 'context'.
IllegalAttributeFilter Removes illegal XML attributes.
ImageAttributeParser A class encapsulating the commonality in parsing the attributes on an img or ac:image tag.
ImageAttributeWriter A class encapsulating the commonality in marshalling the attributes for an image in view, edit and storage.
Namespace Represents an XML namespace.
NastyUtilitiesWhichWillBeMadeRedundant Deprecated. See ConversionContext.getPageContext() instead.
PolicyConfiguredXhtmlCleaner A thread safe XhtmlCleaner which is configured via a policy file classpath resource.
ResettableXmlEventReader Not thread-safe.
TextExtractingXmlFragmentEventReader Class wraps another {code}XmlEventReader{code} to extract text from the XML that has been read.
ThreadLocalTransformationDateFormats Serves date formats from thread local storage to avoid synchronisation.
TransformerChain Takes an ordered list of transfomers and runs each of them serially, passing the transformation output of one transformer as input into the next.
XhtmlCleaner.AppliedRuleDescription A description of a rule that was applied during the cleaning of content.
XhtmlCleaner.Result The complete results of a clean up operation.
XhtmlFragmentTimeoutEvent An event sent when a XhtmlTimeoutException occurs when rendering a fragment.
XhtmlMacroTimeoutEvent An event sent when a XhtmlTimeoutException occurs when rendering a Macro.
XmlAttributeEncodingFilter A Cyberneko filter to cope with a common mistake made by plugin developers in Confluence.
XmlFragmentBodyEventReader Exposes the events of the body of a fragment, but does not include any events for the start and end tags of the fragment.
XmlFragmentEventReader Exposes the events of the body of a fragment including the start and end element of the fragment.
XmlOutputFactoryFactoryBean A spring factory bean for creating an instance of an XMLOutputFactory.

Enum Summary
ConversionContextOutputType XHTML Successor to RenderContextOutputType.
MacroBodyType Represents a macro body type used in macro transformation.

Exception Summary
XhtmlTimeoutException A checked exception indicating that an Xhtml Conversion has exceeded its allocated time limit.

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