Class WorkSourceBatchRunner<T>

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.WorkSourceBatchRunner<T>
Type Parameters:
T - the type of item that will be in the batches

public class WorkSourceBatchRunner<T>
extends Object

This class is typically the basis for upgrade or migration tasks that need to manipulate a large amount of content. It will use a parameterised number of worker threads to operate on batches of content as specified by a supplied BatchableWorkSource.

Each batch of work will occur within its own transaction.

Constructor Summary
protected WorkSourceBatchRunner(org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager transactionManager, ExecutorService executor)
          Constructor with injectable executor, exposed for unit tests
  WorkSourceBatchRunner(String threadName, int numThreads, org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager transactionManager)
Method Summary
 List<Exception> run(BatchableWorkSource<T> workSource, BatchTask<T> task)
          Begin executing against all the work in the supplied work source.
 void setProgressWrapper(com.atlassian.core.util.ProgressMeter progress)
 void shutdown()
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Constructor Detail


public WorkSourceBatchRunner(String threadName,
                             int numThreads,
                             org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager transactionManager)


protected WorkSourceBatchRunner(org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager transactionManager,
                                ExecutorService executor)
Constructor with injectable executor, exposed for unit tests

Method Detail


public List<Exception> run(BatchableWorkSource<T> workSource,
                           BatchTask<T> task)
                    throws ExecutionException,
Begin executing against all the work in the supplied work source. One or more threads will be spawned to perform the work but this method will wait until all threads have finished before it returns.

workSource -
task - the task to be run on each item in the batches from the work source
a list of any individual exceptions that occurred as the WorkSourceTask was executing. An empty list will be returned if there are no exceptions.
Exception - if there is any problem out with the actual execution of the the BatchTasks. (Problems within the BatchTask are returned in the List of Exceptions.)


public void shutdown()


public void setProgressWrapper(com.atlassian.core.util.ProgressMeter progress)

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