Interface MacroReplacementRenderer

All Known Implementing Classes:
ColorMacroReplacementRenderer, ColumnMacroReplacementRenderer, NolinkMacroReplacementRenderer, QuoteMacroReplacementRenderer, SectionMacroReplacementRenderer

public interface MacroReplacementRenderer

Generates a rendering that is to replace or override the default rendering of a macro to XHTML storage format. This interface is needed since some macros do not need to be represented as macros in XHTML (they have specific or better markup in XHTML). E.g. {section} and {column} are better represented as a table

Method Summary
 Set<String> getHandledClasses()
 String render(MacroDefinition macro, com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext renderContext)

Method Detail


Set<String> getHandledClasses()
a Set of class names (as Strings) of v2 Macro implementations that this MacroReplacementRenderer applies to.


String render(MacroDefinition macro,
              com.atlassian.renderer.RenderContext renderContext)

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