Class OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.links.OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator
extends Object
implements HrefEvaluator

An HrefEvaluator which inspects the ConversionContextOutputType in the ConversionContext and evaluates href values appropriately for the output type targeted.

Constructor Summary
OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator(Map<String,HrefEvaluator> outputTypeEvaluators, HrefEvaluator defaultEvaluator)
Method Summary
 String createHref(ConversionContext context, Object entity, String anchor)
          Create the appropriate href attribute value for the supplied ConversionContext.
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Constructor Detail


public OutputTypeAwareHrefEvaluator(Map<String,HrefEvaluator> outputTypeEvaluators,
                                    HrefEvaluator defaultEvaluator)
outputTypeEvaluators - a Map where the key is a ConversionContextOutputType and the value is the HrefEvaluator to use for that output type
defaultEvaluator - the HrefEvaluator to use if no specific one is found
Method Detail


public String createHref(ConversionContext context,
                         Object entity,
                         String anchor)
Description copied from interface: HrefEvaluator
Create the appropriate href attribute value for the supplied ConversionContext.

Specified by:
createHref in interface HrefEvaluator
context - the ConversionContext providing information about the conversion being performed, including the target output type e.g. display, pdf
entity - the object
anchor - an option parameter specifying an anchor component for the href attribute. This may be null if there is no destination anchor.
the attribute value appropriate for the outputType specified.
See Also:
ConversionContextOutputType} for the supported outputType

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