Interface ConfigurableCache

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ConfluenceEhCache, TangosolCache

public interface ConfigurableCache
extends com.atlassian.cache.Cache

Defines a configurable Cache. This interface provides additional methods that allow the runtime configuration of a cache to be configured. This interface can be moved into the com.atlassian.cache library once it has stabilised and matured in Confluence.

Method Summary
 void setTimeToLive(long timeToLive, TimeUnit timeUnit)
          Update the time to live.
Methods inherited from interface com.atlassian.cache.Cache
get, getKeys, getName, put, remove, removeAll

Method Detail


void setTimeToLive(long timeToLive,
                   TimeUnit timeUnit)
Update the time to live. Please note, some implementations cannot store time values smaller than TimeUnit.SECONDS.

timeToLive - value
timeUnit - unit of time

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