Class UpdateAttachmentsOnFilesystemOnPageMoveListener

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.pages.persistence.dao.UpdateAttachmentsOnFilesystemOnPageMoveListener
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class UpdateAttachmentsOnFilesystemOnPageMoveListener
extends Object
implements com.atlassian.event.EventListener

A listener interested in page move events which will ensure any attachments associated with a page being moved are also moved to the new location.

Since CONF-8298 was implemented in Confluence 3, attachments have been stored on the filesystem in a structure that encapsulates the space key for the page. This means that if a page is moved to a different space then the location of the attachments will also need to be changed. This is the responsibility of this listener.

If filesystem storage is not used, or if a page isn't moving to a different space then this listener will not do anything.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Class[] getHandledEventClasses()
 void handleEvent(com.atlassian.event.Event event)
 void setAttachmentManager(AttachmentManager attachmentManager)
 void setDefaultAttachmentManager(AttachmentManager defaultAttachmentManager)
          The default attachment manager is set here so that the logic from the delegating attachment manager does not need to be reproduced here.
 void setDelegatorAttachmentManager(DelegatorAttachmentManager delegatorAttachmentManager)
 void setFileSystemAttachmentDataDao(FileSystemAttachmentDataDao fileSystemAttachmentDataDao)
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Constructor Detail


public UpdateAttachmentsOnFilesystemOnPageMoveListener()
Method Detail


public Class[] getHandledEventClasses()
Specified by:
getHandledEventClasses in interface com.atlassian.event.EventListener


public void handleEvent(com.atlassian.event.Event event)
Specified by:
handleEvent in interface com.atlassian.event.EventListener


public void setDefaultAttachmentManager(AttachmentManager defaultAttachmentManager)
The default attachment manager is set here so that the logic from the delegating attachment manager does not need to be reproduced here. Instead we can just check the attachment manager it sets against the default and if it matched then filesystem storage (default) is being used


public void setDelegatorAttachmentManager(DelegatorAttachmentManager delegatorAttachmentManager)


public void setAttachmentManager(AttachmentManager attachmentManager)


public void setFileSystemAttachmentDataDao(FileSystemAttachmentDataDao fileSystemAttachmentDataDao)

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