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Uses of RpcRuntimeException in com.atlassian.confluence

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence that throw RpcRuntimeException
protected  void FileHandleTestingSuite.FileHandleTest.rpclogCommandOutput(String commandString)

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Methods in that throw RpcRuntimeException
 Object ConfluenceRpc.execute(String method, Object... args)
          Execute a Confluence rpc method as the currently logged in user.
 Object ConfluenceRpc.executeFuncTest(String method, Object... args)
          Instead of using the execute methods directly, consider adding a wrapper method to ConfluenceRpc.
protected  Object ConfluenceRpc.executeFuncTestWithToken(String method, String token, Object... args)
          Execute a functest method with the specified token.
 Object ConfluenceRpc.executePluginXmlRpc(String servicePath, String method, Object... args)
protected  Object ConfluenceRpc.executeRpc(String rpcBase, String methodToken, String method, Object... args)
 Object ConfluenceRpc.executeWithToken(String method, String token, Object... args)
          Execute method with the specified token.

Uses of RpcRuntimeException in com.atlassian.confluence.rpc

Methods in com.atlassian.confluence.rpc that throw RpcRuntimeException
 void LoginRpcAcceptanceTest.testGetServerInfo()
 void LoginRpcAcceptanceTest.testLogin()
 void LoginRpcAcceptanceTest.testSendUTF8Character()

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