Class StartOfTestLogger

  extended by

public final class StartOfTestLogger
extends Object

Singleton to log a message on the server reporting the start of each test. Very helpful for relating server errors to the test in which they occurred. logTestStart(ConfluenceRpc, Class, String) should be called during the setUp method of a test, as soon as the ConfluenceRpc is available and logged in as admin.

Method Summary
static StartOfTestLogger instance()
 void logTestStart(ConfluenceRpc rpc, Class testClass, String testName)
          Logs a message about the start of testing to sytem-out.
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Method Detail


public static StartOfTestLogger instance()


public void logTestStart(ConfluenceRpc rpc,
                         Class testClass,
                         String testName)
Logs a message about the start of testing to sytem-out.

rpc - must be logged in as admin.

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