Interface Summary
ContentPermissionProvider An interface implemented by a class that can provide ContentPermissions.
CreatePageCommand An interface for a command that will create a new page.
MovePageCommand An interface for a command that implements the logic to move a page to another parent or space.
PageProvider An interface implemented by a class that can provide the page to be created.

Class Summary
CreateAbstractPageCommandImpl An abstract base class for create commands for AbstractPage subclasses such as Page or BlogPost
CreatePageCommandImpl An implementation of the CreatePageCommand that will create a page, and assign any provided permissions then perform the clean up of any Drafts and raise the necessary event.
CreatePageFromExistingCommandImpl This command is only necessary because CopyPageAction has different authorisation and validation logic from CreatePageAction.
DeleteBlogPostCommand Service command for removing a blog post.
DeletePageCommand Service command for removing a page.
IdPageLocator A page locator that uses the page Id to find a page
MovePageToTopOfSpaceCommand A command that moves a page to a top level of a given space.
RevertPageOrderCommand Removes page position information from the children of the provided page, effectively reverting their order to alphabetical.
SimpleContentPermissionProvider A ContentPermissionProvider which simply returns the ContentPermissions that have been set on it.
TitleAndSpaceKeyPageLocator Returns the page with the given space key and title.

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