Package com.atlassian.confluence.admin.criteria

Interface Summary
AdminConfigurationCriteria Encapsulates select configuration parameters or values for Confluence and determines whether those parameters or values meet a specified programmatic acceptance criteria.

Class Summary
BackupsAreManualCriteria Check whether the scheduled automatic backups for Confluence have been disabled.
BaseURLIsValidCriteria Checks that the base URL for Confluence is unlikely to be pointed at localhost or another address with limited visibility on a network.
DefaultMailServerExistsCriteria Checks to see whether a default SMTP mail server has been created.
DefaultWritableDirectoryExistsCriteria Criteria for checking that we have a directory we can add users to.
ExternalUserDirectoriesActiveCriteria Checks if any User directories in additional to the Internal one are currently active.
IgnorableAdminTaskCriteria Criteria for Admin Tasks which can be dismissed.
MoreThanOneUserCriteria Checks whether there is at least two active users registered in Confluence.

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