Package com.atlassian.hibernate

Interface Summary
PluginHibernateSessionFactory A factory to access the current Hibernate session.

Class Summary
BucketClobStringType A custom UserType that maps stings to clobs.
BucketClobStringType.LobCreatorSynchronization Callback for resource cleanup at the end of a transaction.
HibernateObjectDao Generic DAO for hibernate objects.
OracleLobSelector NOTE: this class is disabled by default.
ResettableIncrementGenerator Incremental id generator for Hibernate that can be reset in order to make it ask for its starting id from the database again.
ResettableTableHiLoGenerator A variant on Hibernate's HiLoGenerator that allows us to force a reload of the HI value.
SpringPluginHibernateSessionFactory A session factory that uses Spring's (2.x) standard way of accessing the session

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