Package com.atlassian.confluence.xwork

Class Summary
ConfluenceActionValidatorManager Copy of the XWork ActionValidatorManager that clears the context of validators before it caches them.
ConfluenceValidationInterceptor Copy of the XWork validation interceptor that delegates to our own ActionValidatorManager.
HttpMethodValidationInterceptor Interceptor that ensures that the action method gets executed within an HTTP request with the required HTTP method.
RedirectResult A wrapper around xwork's ServletRedirectResult to patch up an issue revolving around IE6's incompetency and some servlet container's inability to parse request URLs with fragment ids ("#") See CONF-11835 for more information
SetupIncompleteInterceptor Interceptor that checks whether or not Confluence has been setup yet (that is the setup wizard has been completed).
WebWorkActionHelper Helper class for webwork actions.

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