Package com.atlassian.confluence.xhtml.api

Interface Summary
EditorFormatService Provides methods that convert between edit and storage formats.
EmbeddedImage Represents an embedded resource.
Link Represents a link.
LinkBody<T> A type representing the different link bodies in Confluence
MacroDefinitionHandler Handler for MacroDefinitions found in storage format.
MacroDefinitionReplacer Replacer of MacroDefinitions in storage format with other content.
MacroDefinitionUpdater Updater of MacroDefinitions in storage format.
StandardTag An interface representing the standard attributes supported by almost all HTML tags.
XhtmlContent Provides methods that manipulate XHTML storage format content, convert between view and storage formats or from old style wiki markup to storage format.
XhtmlVisitor A visitor is used to capture XML events that occur during a parse of an XHTML document.

Class Summary
EmbeddedImageLinkBody A LinkBody representing an EmbeddedImage.
MacroDefinition An object that encapsulates the state for a macro.
PageLayoutVisitor Provides a handler for detecting if a page contains an atlassian page layout.
PlainTextLinkBody A PlainTextLinkBody is one that contains nothing but plain textual data.
RichTextLinkBody A RichTextLinkBody is one that contains XHTML data and may be displayed on an XHTML client without requiring any encoding.

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