Package com.atlassian.confluence.util.velocity

Interface Summary
ConfigurableResourceManager.ResourceFactory Factory methods for Velocity resource objects
ConfluenceVelocityTemplate Exposes template details that are of interest to the Confluence Velocity template rendering subsystem.

Class Summary
CompatibleVelocityResourceManager This resource manager will instantiate resource loaders which will correct legal Velocity 1.3 syntax to legal Velocity 1.4 syntax for any resource loader defined with the velocity13.compatibility property set to true
ConfigurableResourceManager Class to manage the text resource for the Velocity Runtime.
ConfluenceHtmlEntityEncodingPolicy This reference insertion policy implements the strategy used by Confluence to determine whether automatic HTML entity encoding should be applied to any particular context or template used by the Velocity rendering system.
ConfluenceVelocityCacheConfigurator Bean that configures the confluence resource manager with the injected cache manager
ConfluenceVelocityResourceCache Clearable velocity cache.
ConfluenceVelocityResourceManager Specialisation that allows for a hot swappable ResourceCache.
ConfluenceVelocityResourceManager.ConfluenceResourceFactory This factory will return template that can be used to detect the presence of HTML in the template if required
NullVelocityLogSystem Implement the LogSystem interface to swallow velocity log messages.
PluginTemplateHtmlEntityEncodingDisabledPolicy TemplateHtmlEntityEncodingPolicy to be used if "Anti XSS" is disabled for plugins.
ResourceLoaderWrapper Wrapper class for writing resource loader filters, delegating the ResourceLoader methods to the wrapped loader.

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