Package com.atlassian.confluence.util.i18n

Interface Summary
DocumentationBean Constructs a link to the instance's documentation
DocumentationBeanFactory Factory interface for retrieving documentation link beans.
I18NBean Responsible for fetching internationalised text for a given key.
I18NBeanFactory Factory interface for retrieving i18n support beans
UserLocaleAware Beans wishing to have a user locale sensitive I18NBeanFactory should implement this interface

Class Summary
DefaultI18NBean Responsible for fetching internationalised text given a key.
DefaultI18NBeanFactory Produces I18NBeans which will return a bean either for the default or setup locale.
I18NResourceBundlesLoader Similates the behaviour of ResourceBundle.getBundle() and searches for all bundles for a locale from most specific to least specific
Message A user interface message consisting of a message key with optional arguments.
ResourceBundlesCollector Class that: takes a map of resource bundles (keyed by locale) or single resource bundles sorts them by locale combines all bundles keyed by the same locale into one CombinedResourceBundle and returns a list of CombinedResourceBundles in the correct locale order (most specific locales come first.
UserI18NBeanFactory I18N bean factory which will return an I18N bean configured for the current user's locale.
UserLocaleAwareBeanPostProcessor Bean post processor responsible for injecting an I18NBeanFactory for any beans served by spring that implements UserLocaleAware.
VersionSpecificDocumentationBean Constructs a version specific link to Confluence's documentation.
VersionSpecificDocumentationBeanFactory DocumentationBeanFactory which returns VersionSpecificDocumentationBeans for the Confluence instance.

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