Package com.atlassian.confluence.setup

Interface Summary
BootstrapManager Controls the bootstrapping of Confluence - starting essential, core services.

Class Summary
BootstrapContextInitialisedEvent An event indicating that the bootstrap context has been initialised.
BootstrapSidManager Manages SID generation and persistence before the database is available.
BootstrapUtils Deprecated. since 2.3 use BootstrapUtils
ConfluenceBootstrappedContextLoaderListener Adds (relatively) user friendly error handling if the main spring context cannot be initialized.
ConfluenceClassPathXmlApplicationContext Customisation of the Spring XML Application context that uses Confluence's custom bean factory, and allows the context to support ServletContextAware beans despite not being a WebApplicationContext.
ConfluenceConfigurationListener Brings up the initial, minimal environment necessary to bootstrap Confluence.
ConfluenceEncodingFilter Extends the AbstractEncodingFilter to return the encoding specified by the application configuration.
ConfluenceListableBeanFactory Our own BeanFactory to enable the unregistering of child beans, as well as autowiring and more efficient toString().
ConfluenceRendererConfiguration This is a call through class provided for the renderer that will use confluence specific setup information to relay the information to the renderer.
DefaultBootstrapManager BootstrapManager is responsible for initializing the dependencies of Confluence environment.
LegacyLicenseUtils Contains utility methods for old version 1 licenses.
Resin3ContextListener listener that checks: whether the user is using resin 3 and if so, if they have enabled the resin 3 web.xml (required to make Confluence work under this container)
SetupAcceptanceTest Tests the setup process.
SetupContext Static holder for setup Spring context.
SetupOldConfluenceAcceptanceTest Sets up an old version of Confluence.
SetupPluginManager Cut-down plugin manager for the setup wizard, since it only need to load a limited number of plugins.
SetupUpgradedConfluenceAcceptanceTest Sets up the current version of Confluence after having upgraded from an older version.
SetupWebResourceManager A stripped-down web resource manager sufficient to serve resources during setup when most of Confluence is not available.
SharedConfigurationMap Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
TempPluginParentDirectoryLocator Provides working directories for the plugin manager in a temp directory specifically created for this manager instance.

Enum Summary
BuildInformation Singleton which provides build and version information for the Confluence application.

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