Package com.atlassian.confluence.servlet.simpledisplay

Interface Summary
PathConverter Path converters are used by the SimpleDisplayServlet to convert friendly URL's to action URLs.

Class Summary
AbstractPathConverter Deprecated. since Confluence 4.3 No alternative is offered.
BlogPathConverter A Path converter that converts friendly blog path urls to a viewpage or viewblogposts action.
ConvertedPath Encapsulates the result of a path conversion.
DefaultPathConverterManager Default (memory-based) PathConverterManager.
PagePathConverter This path converter takes a friendly page url and converts it into a viewpage action url.
SimpleDisplayServlet This servlet uses the PathConverterManager to convert the incoming (friendly) url into a url that maps to an webwork action.
SpacePathConverter This path converter takes a friendly space url and converts it into a viewspace or browsespace action url.
UserPathConverter This path converter requests for a username to either their personal space (if they have one and the viewer has permission) or their user profile.
UserStatusListPathConverter Converts a path to a list of user status updates for a user.
UserStatusPathConverter Converts a path to a user status.

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