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Uses of Dialog in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client

Subclasses of Dialog in com.atlassian.confluence.selenium.client
 class DraftChangesDialog
 class EmoticonPickerPopup
 class InsertCharacterDialog
 class InsertImageDialog
          The insert image dialog added in 3.1.
 class InsertTablePopup
 class KeyboardShortcutHelpDialog
 class LinkBrowser
 class LinkToPageDialog
 class MacroBrowser
 class ManageWatchersDialog
          The Manage Watchers dialog launched from the Tools menu.
 class MovePageDialog
 class PagePermissionsEditor
 class ScheduleJobAdminEditDialog
          Class for interacting with the scheduled job edit dialog.
 class ScheduleJobAdminHistoryDialog
          Class for interacting with the schedule job history dialog.
 class SharePageDialog
 class UserStatusDialog
 class WhatsNewDialog
 class WikiMarkupDialog

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