Provides a Lucene-backed implementation of the SearchManager.


Interface Summary
LuceneQueryMapper<T extends SearchQuery> A lucene query mapper represents an object that is able to map from a Confluence SearchQuery to a Lucene Query.
LuceneSearcher Responsible for performing a lucene search.
LuceneSearchFilterMapper<T extends SearchFilter> A lucene search filter mapper represents an object that is able to map from a Confluence SearchFilter to a Lucene Filter.
LuceneSearchMapperRegistry Class that is responsible for converting a v2 search abstraction like SearchQuery or SearchSort into the equivalent technology specific object.
WrappedHit Allows us to interface out a Lucene Hit so that we can test the LuceneResultFilter properly.

Class Summary
CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry A search mapper registry that operates on a cache only.
LuceneMapperClassPredicate Predicate for finding Lucene query mapper plugins of a specified class in the plugin registry.
LuceneMapperPredicate Predicate for finding matching Lucene query mapper plugins in the plugin registry.
LuceneSearchMapperRegistryCacheUpdateListener Listener that is responsible keeping the cache of search mapper module descriptors in CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry up to date in response to plugin events.
LuceneSubsetResultFilter A result filter that filters out all but a particular "window" (offset from start, count) of results.
NullResultFilter Result filter that allows everything into the final result set.
SearcherAction Encapsulates all the untestable direct Lucene access performed by the LuceneSearcher.
SearchMappersThreadLocal Holds a thread local cache of plugin mappers involved in search.
ThreadCachedSearchMapperRegistry A facade onto the PluggableLuceneSearchMapperRegistry which will first look for a ThreadLocal cache of available search mappers before delegating.

Exception Summary
LuceneMapperNotFoundException Exception thrown when a mapper (LuceneSortMapper, LuceneQueryMapper or LuceneResultFilterMapper) cannot be found.

Package Description

Provides a Lucene-backed implementation of the SearchManager. Configuration of the mappings between Search instances and Lucene queries are done through plugins. Client-code of the v2 search API should not have to refer to any code in this package or below.

Package Specification

Mapping between Searches and their Lucene-specific implementations are handled through the various Registry classes. These in turn are backed by the PluggableLuceneSearchMapperRegistry, which delegates the mapping to plugin modules.

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