Class MacroUsageQueryMapper

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public class MacroUsageQueryMapper
extends Object
implements LuceneQueryMapper<MacroUsageQuery>

maps a macroUsageQuery to a lucene query using a constant score boost, macro name either matches or doesn't so we use ConstantScoreQuery to wrap a TermFilter to compare the macroName to the extracted MacroUsageExtractorFields.MACRO_FIELD_NAME

Constructor Summary
Method Summary convertToLuceneQuery(MacroUsageQuery macroUsageQuery)
          Convert a SearchQuery into a lucene query.
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Constructor Detail


public MacroUsageQueryMapper()
Method Detail


public convertToLuceneQuery(MacroUsageQuery macroUsageQuery)
Description copied from interface: LuceneQueryMapper
Convert a SearchQuery into a lucene query. So a query that represents a search for any value in a particular index field should map to null.

Specified by:
convertToLuceneQuery in interface LuceneQueryMapper<MacroUsageQuery>
macroUsageQuery - the query to convert
the lucene query corresponding to the search query. null can be returned and signifies that no mapped query is necessary for the mapped query.

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