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Packages that use LuceneQueryMapper Provides a Lucene-backed implementation of the SearchManager   

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Subinterfaces of LuceneQueryMapper in
 interface LuceneSearchMapper

Classes in that implement LuceneQueryMapper
 class DelegatingLuceneSearchMapper

Methods in that return LuceneQueryMapper
 LuceneQueryMapper ThreadCachedSearchMapperRegistry.getQueryMapper(String key)
 LuceneQueryMapper PluggableLuceneSearchMapperRegistry.getQueryMapper(String key)
 LuceneQueryMapper LuceneSearchMapperRegistry.getQueryMapper(String key)
 LuceneQueryMapper CacheBackedLuceneSearchMapperRegistry.getQueryMapper(String key)

Methods in that return types with arguments of type LuceneQueryMapper
static Map<String,LuceneQueryMapper> SearchMappersThreadLocal.getQueryMappers()

Uses of LuceneQueryMapper in

Classes in that implement LuceneQueryMapper
 class AllQueryMapper
 class AttachmentTypeQueryMapper
          Maps an AttachmentTypeQuery to its Lucene equivalent.
 class BooleanQueryMapper
 class BoostingQueryMapper
 class ContainingContentTypeQueryMapper
 class ContentTypeQueryMapper
          Map generic ContentTypeQuery classes to Lucene specific queries.
 class ContributorQueryMapper
 class CreatorQueryMapper
          Map a CreatorQuery to a Lucene specific query.
 class CustomContentTypeQueryMapper
 class DateRangeQueryMapper
          A mapper for DateRangeQuerys.
 class FileExtensionQueryMapper
 class HasPersonalSpaceQueryMapper
 class InheritedLabelQueryMapper
          Maps a LabelQuery into Lucene.
 class InSpaceQueryMapper
          Maps an InSpaceQuery to it's Lucene equivalent.
 class LabelQueryMapper
          Maps a LabelQuery into Lucene.
 class LastModifierQueryMapper
          Deprecated. since 3.0. Use ContributorQueryMapper instead.
 class MacroUsageQueryMapper
          maps a macroUsageQuery to a lucene query using a constant score boost, macro name either matches or doesn't so we use ConstantScoreQuery to wrap a TermFilter to compare the macroName to the extracted MacroUsageExtractorFields.MACRO_FIELD_NAME
 class MultiTextFieldQueryMapper
          Maps a MultiTextFieldQuery into a lucene query.
 class PermittedSpacesQueryMapper
          Maps a PermittedSpacesQuery to an appropriate lucene query for the currently logged in user.
 class SpaceCategoryQueryMapper
 class TextFieldPrefixQueryMapper
          A mapper for TextFieldPrefixQuerys.
 class TextFieldQueryMapper
          A mapper for TextFieldQuerys.
 class UserTextQueryMapper

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