Interface LuceneSearchFilterMapper<T extends SearchFilter>

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
ArchivedSpacesSearchFilterMapper, AuthorSearchFilterMapper, ChainedSearchFilterMapper, ContentPermissionsLuceneSearchFilterMapper, DelegatingLuceneSearchMapper, ExcludePersonalInformationFilterMapper, InSpaceSearchFilterMapper, LabelsSearchFilterMapper, LastModifierSearchFilterMapper, SearchResultTypeSearchFilterMapper, SiteSearchPermissionsSearchFilterMapper, SpacePermissionsSearchFilterMapper, ViewUserProfilePermissionsSearchFilterMapper

public interface LuceneSearchFilterMapper<T extends SearchFilter>

A lucene search filter mapper represents an object that is able to map from a Confluence SearchFilter to a Lucene Filter.

Implementations of this class will be autowired automatically.

Implementations of this class must use setter injection instead of constructor injector, as only the former is supported at the moment.

Method Summary convertToLuceneSearchFilter(T searchFilter)
          Convert a search filter into a lucene search filter.

Method Detail

convertToLuceneSearchFilter convertToLuceneSearchFilter(T searchFilter)
Convert a search filter into a lucene search filter.

searchFilter - the search filter to convert
the lucene search filter corresponding to the search filter
IllegalArgumentException - if the search filter is null or invalid

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