Interface Summary
ConfluenceIndexManager The Confluence Index Manager is the entry point to the Indexing Subsystem
ContentIndexTask Deprecated. since 3.0.
IndexRebuilder Deprecated. since 3.4, please use ConfluenceIndexManager
IndexTaskQueue Confluence queues all of its index requests and then executes them in bulk.
WriterStrategy Strategy that allows clients to customize the handling of ILuceneConnection.WriterActions.

Class Summary
CaseInsensitiveSortComparator A Lucene SortComparator that will convert field text to lower case effectively rendering all comparisons case insensitive.
ChangeDocumentBuilder Builds a change index document from a historical version of a searchable object.
ChangeDocumentIdBuilder This class is used to generate the ids used to identify change documents and groups of change document in the Lucene index
ChangeDocumentIndexPolicy Policy that defines what Searchables should be indexed as change documents.
ConfluenceDocumentBuilder A Confluence specific implementation of the DocumentBuilder that is aware of plugin's and the fact that new document extractors may become available or unavailable based on the current plugins installed.
ConfluenceFilenameAnalyzer Since the ConfluenceAnalyzer does not handle filenames very well, we have a different Analyzer for that field.
ConfluenceMultiThreadedIndexer Deprecated. since 3.0.
ConfluenceObjectToDocumentConverter Deprecated. since 3.0.
ConfluenceUnstemmedAnalyzer An analyzer that groups non-stemming language analyzers, and delegates to the appropriate one depending on the indexing language (Settings.getIndexingLanguage().
CustomJapaneseAnalyzer Customized version of CJKAnalyzer that uses unsafe, sun specific operations.
CustomJapaneseTokenizer Nasty fork from Lucene to accomodate searching half width / full width Japanese characters.
DefaultConfluenceIndexManager The Confluence Index Manager is the entry point to the majority of the indexing subsystem..
DefaultObjectQueueWorker Responsible for retrieving work from an ObjectQueue and processing it.
DocumentBuilderListener A listener that responds to PluginEvents and will reset the wrapped documentBuilder.
DocumentFieldName Class to contain the field names for Confluence lucene documents.
FlushStatistics A simple statistics object that holds details for an index flushing.
IndexOptimizer Spring quartz bean job to optimise the index periodically
IndexQueueCleaner This job is responsible for periodically triggering an Index Queue clean to ensure that size of the index queue does NOT grow indefinitely.
IndexQueueFlusher Trigger a flush of the currently scheduled Lucene index tasks.
IndexReaderUtils Utility class for extensions to lucene's IndexReader.
LabelExtractor Extract label data from content entity objects.
MatchNoDocsQuery Sometimes you want a "match nothing" query, for example to take the place in a search of something that could not be resolved, and therefore can never be found (i.e.
MultiThreadedIndexRebuilder Performs a rebuild the Confluence index using multithreaded approach.
ObjectQueue An abstraction over a list of HibernateHandles, to allow clients to pop the queue and only have to deal with actual persistent objects.
TempIndexWriterStrategy Writer strategy that uses the TempIndexWriter.

Enum Summary
ConfluenceIndexManager.IndexQueueFlushMode Enum indicating the mode in which to flush the queue.

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