Interface Summary
ConfluenceNGramTokenFilter.Callback Callback interface to allow filtering on n-gram tokens
SpacePermissionsFilterDao A DAO used exclusively by the SpacePermissionsFilter for performance reasons.

Class Summary
AnalyzerFilter DO NOT USE.
AttachmentTypeFilter Filters content that is of, or not of given attachment type(s).
ConfluenceNGramTokenFilter Token filter that returns n-grams from the input (excluding start grams).
ContentNameArchivedSpacesFilter Filter archived spaces out of the content name search
ContentNameSearchPermissionsFilter A Lucene filter used to apply all the relevant permissioning necessary when using the content name search (QuickNav) in Confluence.
ContentPermissionsFilter Lucene Filter that filters out indexed documents the user is not permitted to search on or to see as a search result.
FilenameFilter This filter tokenises filenames using .-_ as delimiters.
FiltersContainer Deprecated. since 2.10.
HibernateSpacePermissionsFilterDao This implementation was created instead of just using the existing SpaceDao and SpacePermissionsDao for a few reasons - Retrieving space objects from a named query results in you being returned Space proxies.
InSpaceFilterFactory Factory class to create an in-space filter.
MultiTermFilter Lucene filter that finds documents that match any of the supplied Term.
OrderedNGramMatchingFilter Filter that leaves only documents that contain term(s) that match the supplied query in its entirety (no partial matching is permitted).
SpaceFilter Filters content that is in, or not in given space(s).
SpacePermissionsFilter Class that filters results by the spaces the current user is allowed to see.
TermFilter Lucene filter that finds documents that match a particular Term.
ViewUserProfilesPermissionsFilter A Lucene filter that filters out all status items if the user is anonymous and there is no SpacePermission.VIEW_USER_PROFILES_PERMISSION

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