Class Summary
AddressableExtractor Extractor responsible for indexing the title and url path of Addressable content.
AttachmentMimeTypeExtractor Adds a field for attachment mime type.
AttachmentOwnerContentTypeExtractor Extracts and indexes the classname of the content that owns an attachment.
ContentPermissionsExtractor Extracts the content permissions set on a searchable object.
DefaultSearchableContentExtractor An extractor responsible for extracting the default searchable content from various Confluence content types and adding it to the defaultSearchableText.
EntityDateExtractor Extracts the creation and last modification dates.
HTMLSearchableTextExtractor A utility class that will take a String formatted as HTML and remove all tags and attributes leaving only the text nodes and CData content intact.
MacroUsageExtractorFields This class contains the constants for field names used by the MacroUsageExtractor bundled plugin, it lives here so that core confluence can depend on the field names.
PersonalInformationExtractor Adds PersonalInformation specific fields
SpaceDescriptionUsernameExtractor Adding the "username" field to SpaceDescription index documents will allow them to be sorted together with PersonalInformation documents in People Directory search.
SpaceKeyAndNameExtractor Extracts and indexes the space key and name for searchables that belong to a space.
SpaceTypeExtractor Extracts and indexes the SpaceType of the space a searchable belongs to.
UntokenizedTitleExtractor Extracts and indexes an untokenized title for sorting.
UserStatusExtractor Adds user status specific fields.
VersionCommentExtractor Appends the version comment of a ContentEntityObject to its searchable text.
VersionNumberExtractor Extracts and indexes content version

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