Interface Summary
AnalyzerFactory Factory that produces an analyzer for "Did You Mean" vocabulary index (and for queries on this index).

Class Summary
DidYouMeanSearcherInitialisation Configures the searcher to use a customized Similarity class.
DocumentCreator Each word in the Confluence's "did-you-mean" vocabular is represented as a separate lucene document in the "did-you-mean" index.
FullIndexBuilder Builder that extracts unique words from the WordExtractor.DID_YOU_MEAN_FIELD in Confluence's index and adds them to a did-you-mean index (a separate secondary index).
IncrementalIndexBuilder Performs an incremental update of the did-you-mean index by adding any new words and removing ones that are no longer used anymore in Confluence content.
LuceneNGramSuggestionsProvider Class that generates suggestions off an n-gram index of words.
LuceneSuggestionFrequencyProvider Class that retrieves the frequency of terms inside Confluence's search index.
LuceneTransposedSuggestionsProvider Class that provides suggestions constructed from a single transposition of supplied words.
LuceneWordSuggester A service that is responsible for providing search suggestions determined from searching a lucene based index.
UnstemmedEnglishAnalyzer English analyzer that does a similar job to EnglishAnalyzer but does not break tokens down to their word stems/roots.
WordFilter Filter that removes any tokens that does not resemble a word.

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