Interface Summary
ContentNameSearcher Search for Confluence content by its name (for Pages we search title, for users, we search full names, etc.).
DocumentResultScores Interface for storing, incrementing and iterating over document scores.
DocumentResultScores.Block Callback interface to provide clients with the ability to run custom code against all document and score pairs maintained by this class.
QueryTokenizer Tokenizes a query string into QueryTokens.
ResultCategoriser Responsible for categorising results that are passed in as DocumentResultScores.

Class Summary
Category Represents a category in which results coming back from a content name search can be put in.
FloatArrayDocumentResultScores A DocumentScores implementation which will keep each score in a float array where the position in the array matches the docId for each document.
QueryToken A token emitted from tokenization performed by QueryTokenizer.
ResultTemplate Class that allows clients to specify what categories of results to get back from any content name search.
SearchResult Represents a search result from a content name search.
SemaphoreHolder Holds the semaphore used to enforce a limit on the number of simultaneous quick nav searches.
SemaphoreRefreshListener Listener that listens for changes to the global configuration.

Enum Summary

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