Package com.atlassian.confluence.rss

Interface Summary
FeedBuilder Builds a syndication feed (Atom or RSS) from a search query.
FeedCustomContentType Allows plugins to provide custom content types to the feed builder
RssRenderSupport<T> Implementations of this class are reponsible for producing RSS content for a particular class of Confluence object: page, mail, attachment, etc.

Class Summary
AbstractContentEntityRenderSupport<T extends ContentEntityObject>  
FeedProperties Allows users to specify properties of the feed.
FeedSupportModuleDescriptor Allows plugins to provide builders for items in an RSS/Atom feed served by Confluence.
FeedTimeoutEvent An event sent when a Timeout occurs when rendering a SyndEntry.
PageRenderSupport Responsible for rendering RSS feeds for implementations of AbstractPage: blog posts and pages.
RssRenderItem<T> Contains the configuration necessary for an implementation of RssRenderSupport to render an RSS item.

Enum Summary
FeedType The type of feed.

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